Framework Report

The Framework Report was created by the Pratt Student Team and compiles their research and the outcomes from the workshops which took place in January of 2010, culminating in a set of recommended actions. The purpose of this report is to provide information relevant to the plan-making process and convey the collective knowledge and work gained through the workshops, so that it may contribute to the formal text that accompanies the mapped plan. This website summarizes the Framework content, but for the full report click the links below which will download PDF files. There is also a summary report for the Parra workshop that follows:

Framework Report (Download the full report in PDF format.)

  • Introduction
    Welcome p.iii
    Introduction p.iv
    What Is Sustainable Development? p.vii
    Comments on the Planning Process in Goa p.viii

  • Chapter 1: Plan Making
    • part 1
      Public Purpose & Objectives p.02
      Typical Components of a Plan p.03
      A Common Planning Process p.04
      SWOT Analysis p.05
    • part 2
      SMART Goals Overview p.06
      Vision Statement For Agonda & Guiding Principles p.07

  • Chapter 2: Agonda Existing Conditions
    • part 1
      Description of Agonda p.11
      Existing Land Use, Zoning, FAR p.12
    • part 2
      Map of Proposed Plan p.14
      Community Survey p.15

  • Chapter 3: Focus Area Summaries
    • part 1
      Sustainable Tourism & Economic Development Farmland Conservation p.18
    • part 2
      Farmland Conservation p.34
    • part 3
      Waste Water Management p.39
    • part 4
      Solid Waste Management p.45
    • part 5
      Design Guidelines p.49
    • part 6
      Design Guidelines Recommendations p.55

  • Chapter 4: Stakeholders’ Meeting Minutes
    Minutes & Summary p.61

  • Chapter 5: Recommendations and Next Steps
    Gaps, Next Steps & Recommendations p.66
    Recommendation Sections:
    • Economic Development & Sustainable Tourism p.68
    • Farmland Conservation p.70
    • Solid Waste p.72
    • Waste Water p.74
    • Design Guidelines p.77
    • Additional Data Collection & Studies p.82
    • Recommendation Tables & Implementation Matrix p.83
  • Appendix i- Survey and Results
  • Appendix ii- Data and Tables
  • Appendix iii- Information Panels
  • Appendix iv- Participant Comments and Maps
  • Appendix v- Maps
  • Appendix vi- RPG 2021 Goals

Parra Summary Report (PDF)

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