Plan Making

Plan Making can be a complex and long term process. Part of the goals of this project is to help make people more aware of the process and how it works. There are many different ways of going about making a plan. In Chapter 1 of the Framework Report, the plan making process is described. Also covered was SMART Goals and Visioning, the first being the method of goal development used in the workshops and the second being a summation of the visioning exercise done on the first day of the workshop. Some excerpts follow…

Public Purpose & Objectives of a Plan

  • Public Health and Safety
  • Environmental Protection
  • Sustainable Development
  • Tourism and Alternative Economy
  • Job Creation
  • Farmland Protection

“While the workshop focused on a number of priority topics, it was not comprehensive. To comply with regulations, the Panchayat may be required as a start to prepare an initial Development Plan and could do so with information gathered so far. As resources are available, additional surveys (land and demographic) and studies would be needed to prepare a Sustainable Development Plan which would be comprehensive. At that time, the initial Plan would need to be reviewed in light of new findings and amended if necessary. Easily understandable maps and access to pertinent information would allow for informed public decision making. Planning is a dynamic process. Provisions need to be made to allow periodic amendments to reflect changes and ensure consistency with the community’s vision and values.”

Typical Planning Process & its Components

  • Data Collection and Studies
  • Establish Existing Conditions
  • Problem Sensing
  • Developing a Vision
  • Informed Participatory Planning
  • Effective Outreach / Education with Konkani Translations
  • Develop Recommendations with Alternatives
  • Conduct Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Conduct Carrying Capacity Analysis
  • Identify Infrastructure Needs for Projected Growth
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Adopt Recommendations
  • Implement Plan
  • Periodic Review and Update
  • Maintenance and Training …

Visioning exercise

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