Economic Development

In order to have a flourishing community, a healthy and sustainable economy is needed. Since Agonda and Goa are located on a beautiful coast with lovely weather, tourism is an economic factor. The workshop was conducted to identify ways for Agonda to develop economically (aside from tourism) and determine the amount and type of tourism that the community wants. Below are some excerpts from Chapter 3 of the Framework report…

“The term “Economic Development” is a strategy; or series of strategies, intended to improve not just the material wealth of a community, but also the political and social well-being. These strategies can be led by various levels of government, business associations, public/private entities, community groups or simply a group of citizens. Since communities have different priorities and goals, each strategy must be tailored to meet a specific locales needs.”

“Being more than just travel and hospitality, Tourism is a conglomeration of multiple industries which span public, private and non-governmental sectors. Nearly all facets of a community can have a relationship with Tourism; from waste management and road development to affordable housing and workforce training. Tourism has the potential to enhance local economies and existing industries as well as support cultural communication and encourage environmental stewardship. However if it is mismanaged or excludes local guidance, Tourism can potentially end up devastating livelihoods, create social ills and pollution, and destroy a community’s sense of place and character.”

“For these reasons it is imperative for a community to lead and participate in Sustainable Tourism Planning; so residents can not only guide development, but also determine if Tourism is right for their community at all. It is with this goal in mind that the Panchayat of Agonda has decided to focus on Tourism and ensure that active community participation can lead to a Sustainable Tourism Framework.”

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