Solid Waste Management

Trash in Agonda has changed quite a bit in the past 40 years. The increased amount of plastics being used, whether in the form of water bottles or other packaging, is the most noticeable one. This is exasperated by the need for clean drinking water which becomes scarce and must be supplemented by bottled water late in the dry season. The traditional burning of trash has become a health hazard. So what is to be done? The solid waste management focus group, as described in Chapter 3 of the Framework Report, helped residents identify the problems with the current disposal methods and Clinton Vaz introduced some ideas for reducing and composting solid waste. Some excerpts follow…

“Solid Waste Management is one of the most relevant issues currently affecting Agonda. Based off the results from the Community Survey, it was determined that approximately 97% of respondents were burning trash on site. This process can expose residents to harmful toxins released into the atmosphere during combustion. Additionally, much of the remaining soot and ash; which often contains harmful dioxins, can leech into the ground and effect drinking water.”

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