Waste Water Management

While all communities need to consider safe and sustainable methods for managing waste water generated by homes, businesses, and industry, coastal areas need to be particularly vigilant. The workshop, as described in Chapter 3, focused on wastewater management and sought to…

“…disseminate information about wastewater related issues, various sustainable wastewater management systems as well as present information on wastewater management which is climate, design and context appropriate for Agonda, leaving the community with a catalogue of options to consider in the creation of a plan as well as to assist the community in identifying next steps, resources and an appropriate timeline to implement a comprehensive wastewater management program, in line with the regional plan.”

“United Nations Environmental Programme has identified wastewater-related problems as one of the major problems in coastal zones throughout the world. In particular municipal wastewater discharges are considered as one of the most significant threats to sustainable coastal development, affecting human health as well as environmental quality aspects, both resulting in economic losses.”

New York’s sewage system overflows essentially every other time it rains. Each year in New York, Billions of sewage and runoff overflow through 490 discharge points or “outfalls” into the harbor and rivers when heavy rains cause backup. This often time leads to beach closings and foul odors, as well as altering the flora and fauna of the surrounding waters, threatening the viability of fishing in the region.

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